Paper machine

Creating the right machine for your production

We care about the whole process – we relocating the machine, overhauling the parts, rebuilding it to suit your needs, and putting it into operation for a new life.

Read more on the paper machine relocation project done for the SFT Group.


Machine design

Whatever the machine originally was built for, our engineers will give it a new life. Preserve as much as possible of the existing machinery we will add what is necessary in second hand or new components.



Dismantle, transport and installation in an intelligent way! Including taking care of piping, chests, tanks, valves, instrumentation, controls, and more ...


Overhaul of machine and auxiliaries

Together with our customer we’ll apply our detailed overhaul plan targeting the most cost efficient possibilities.


DCS, QCS, drive systems

We will provide contemporary electric and control systems implementing as much as possible of existing components. 


Commissioning and start up

Our specialists are committed put your machine into best possible performance, from head to toe.


Overall time frame

Of all costs involved, time delays are by far the most critical. We focus on the turn around time from the start through all stages.  ENJOY a producing machine as early as possible.