Relocation and plant transfers

Equipment relocation services

Our focus is to preserve as much as possible of the equipment. Original engineering and documentation will be enhanced where its value added. Fine tuning to the needs of the new application.


Relocation is more than just to dismantle a machine, ship it, and install it somewhere else.

A professional relocation needs a comprehensive engineered process, combining:

  • inspection,
  • overhaul planning,
  • precise designed dismantling plan, encompassing possible dismantling modules as well as e.g. identifying the right cutting spots
  • logistic and project plan


... and much more to ensure that the relocation itself is a COST- and TIME-efficient process, where at the final stage a machine meets the expectations of the customer in its new working environment.

As a full line supplier for the pulp and paper industry, we know how to relocate and apply the equipment in the customer’s process.

Our highly skilled engineers can evaluate the potential of any machine, they know how to increase productivity and efficiency. This enables ANDRITZ to fully recondition and/or rebuild machines independently of the original manufacturer.



Finding the best suitable used paper machine or used pulp production plant for your needs.


The new plant concept

Based on your requirements, we will develop, engineer and manufacture an optimized and cost-effective concept combining used and, if beneficial, new components. All within our ANDRITZ technology package and guaranteed target achievement.


Second life of machinery

In order to support you in achieving your new targets, ANDRITZ will take care of process optimization, troubleshooting support as well as the training of your employees. You can count on our global team of experienced specialists.